Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register for REMOTE?

A. Go to the  REGISTER page to fill out the form and register for the event.

Some users have had some problems with the registration page loading.  With any registration on any platform we expect some issues these typically are internet issues that we can’t control.  If you are having problems seeing the form, these are solved with quick troubleshooting steps:

Browser loading issue: If you are having problems with the form loading on the registration page, this could be due to slow connections where the page timed out before it loaded, or the user clicked away before it loaded. If that happens, we recommend trying again by clearing cache or using an incognito tab. Using a different browser can solve the problem as well.

Security Issue: When users are being presented messages that the site is not secure, we have found that it has been a local issue caused by a browser extension or cookies that are not affiliated with the REMOTE website. Our recommendation is to use a different browser, an incognito tab, or to clear cookies and browsing history before attempting to register.

Q: What is the purpose of REMOTE: the connected faculty summit (REMOTE)?  

A: REMOTE was conceived as an event to support faculty in higher education who have at short notice had to move their courses and programs from a traditional in person, campus based live delivery model to a more complex synchronous and asynchronous online delivery. REMOTE aims to expose faculty to the best of online pedagogy and practice and to offer real insights, tips and ideas to support a better back to school for fall 2020.  

Q: When will REMOTE run? 

A: REMOTE starts at 12 noon PST on 13th July 2020 and runs for four hours followed by an hour of in-conference networking. It then restarts at 9am PST on 14th July and runs for four hours followed by an hour of in-conference networking.

On demand versions of the content will be available within minutes after the live presentations have ended and can be accessed via the same login you receive upon registration.

Q. How do I login to the event?

A. Upon completion of the submitted registration form, you will receive a confirmation email from the virtual environment platform.

This email contains your login information that will allow you to enter the event on July 13-14, 2020 and for post event On-Demand sessions through December 2020.

Throughout the days prior to the event on July 13-14, the platform will provide email reminders and login information, which again will allow you to enter on July 13-14.

Building your Schedule

We have had many users also take advantage of our Schedule feature on this event website.  Please note that this is a feature that allows you to view sessions and build your schedule prior to the event.

The login/sign up for building your schedule on this website is different than your login for the virtual platform (see How do I login to the event).

REMOTE The Connected Faculty Summit reserves the right to modify, edit or adjust all conference schedules to enhance the overall value of the event for participants.

The schedule you build on this event website Schedule page is exportable and we encourage you to bring it with you when you login into the virtual event on July 13-14, just as you would bring to an in-person event.

In addition, we are adding a capability in the virtual environment that allows you to select sessions to participate in while you are logged into the virtual event.

It is important to note the Schedule you build and export here is separate from the schedule you can build while logged in on July 13-14.

Q: Is REMOTE free to attend? 

A: REMOTE is an event designed for faculty and administration and based on a collaboration between the ASU Foundation and our supporting sponsors, the event is free for them to attend. REMOTE reserves the right to charge or exclude other attendees.  

Q:  Is REMOTE only for ASU faculty? 

A:  No, it is open to all university faculty and administration from higher educational institutions around the world 

Q: How many educators from a single university are allowed to attend REMOTE? 

A: There are no restrictions on the number of participants from any single higher educational institution. The platform can accommodate up to 100,000 simultaneous attendees.  

Q: Are the speakers from REMOTE all from Arizona State University? 

A: No, we have gathered an exceptional group of practitioners drawn from more than 30 universities to share their best practices in online and blended learning. Faculty drawn from ASU will be leading about 10% of the sessions across the event.  

Q: Will the REMOTE event be available on demand? 

A: Yes, immediately following a live presentation, it will be set to view on-demand in the REMOTE Theater and will be available on demand for an initial 6 months.

Q: How should I use the live event vs the on-demand version of REMOTE? 

With 60+ sessions over 8 hours it is impossible for an individual to access everything REMOTE has to offer during the show hours, so we encourage those of you who are able to join the live event to prioritize your agenda through “sched” on our website, and then return later for on demand sessions you cannot see live. For those in other time zones, or who are unable to join the event on the days it is running (13/14 July), the on-demand content will be a valuable resource.  

Q. Why should I be there live for REMOTE if I can see everything on demand? 

A: REMOTE has been designed to maximize the opportunity for participants to engage with one another and with the speakers. We have modelled some of the engagement practices that support the best in online pedagogy and at the same time have seen opportunity in asynchronous delivery. We know the schedule is too large to attend all the live sessions and so look forward to participants access the on-demand content. In addition, we anticipate considerable interest from faculty in other time zones around the world and wanted to make the content available to them asynchronously and on demand.  

Q: What are the top three reasons to see REMOTE live on July 13th and 14th? 


  1. About half of every 30-minute content session is devoted to live interactive Q&A where attendees are encouraged to type in their questions in the Q&A tab provided on the presentation console.

  1. We are holding twelve thirty minute “unconference” Q&A sessions with online learning experts [in conjunction with Every Learner Everywhere] that are live and interactive chatroom/workshops. Again, for those attending live, this is a great opportunity to submit questions to these experts while they are available to answer them during their session.   

  1. We expect that attending faculty will engage with one another and are building collaboration tools to allow participants to find one another, meet and create communities of interest.

The best way to participate in these activities is to be a part of the live session. 

Q: How did you choose the speakers for REMOTE? 

A: REMOTE was built around the concept of showcasing excellence in online teaching practices. A steering committee of thought partners and our executive producer David Levin. worked to define and create a comprehensive and balanced agenda of relevant topics and subjects. The committee identified practitioners with successful and recognized online programs or with specific topic related expertise to lead the sessions for the event.  

Q: Have sponsors paid for speaking slots at REMOTE? 

A: The generous support of our sponsors has allowed us to run this event free of charge to all faculty and administration. The facilitators and experts supporting the 12 unconference sessions have all been exclusively selected by members of the steering committee. Of the 66 demonstration/presentation slots in the event, 5 are being co-created by sponsors to address topics relevant to the conference, 11 are faculty who are recognized as delivering great courses who were nominated by sponsors and approved by the steering committee, and 50 were nominated and approved by the steering committee exclusively. The four policy sessions were selected by our partners the Times Higher Education and The Chronicle of Higher Education. The opening keynote will, appropriately, be delivered by President Michael Crow of ASU.  The opening keynote on the second day has been created in collaboration with one of our Founder sponsors, Cisco Systems with a focus on delivering the best possible student experience. 

Q: Will there be other REMOTE Virtual events? 

A: We have had considerable positive feedback from faculty and many institutions about the concept behind the REMOTE event. We are focused on delivering a fantastic REMOTE summit and based on the feedback we receive we will explore options for future events once we have run this first event. Among the ideas already floated are: 

  • to deliver a second REMOTE summit in November 2020 to support faculty preparing for January Quarters/ Semesters 

  • to produce regional variants catering to different languages and time zones 

What do you think? We would welcome your feedback and thoughts.  

Q: Who can I contact with feedback and questions regarding REMOTE? 

A: We will be creating a feedback page within the website and will be soliciting feedback during and after the event

General feedback or comments can be directed to our executive producer David Levin at [email protected]  

For content and speaker questions please contact [email protected] 

For questions on partnerships please contact [email protected]  

For financial support sponsorship questions, please contact John Siefert [email protected]  

For media related questions please contact please contact Carrie Peterson [email protected]u

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